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We’re a group of hardworking, fun-loving independent professionals working together to help you through the process. We have people on the ground in Arizona, New York, and our valuable team members across Portugal, including the Founder and Head Consultant, Heather Binder.

We’re multi-cultural group from America, Portugal, Bangladesh, and Australia that applies an open-minded global view through our experiences living as immigrants or expats in 9 different countries across 5 continents.

Our focus and goal is to assist you in making the most successful relocation and transition to Portugal!


Do you have vital questions that need real verified answers to?

Are you overwhelmed by all the contradictory information available online?

Do you want your Visa application package done properly and with care?

Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to recreate the wheel. Let our innovative team drive your plans and make your move happen on your timeline.

Don’t let the bureaucratic mountains ahead overwhelm you. We’re here to solve issues and take the stress away.

Don’t Learn the Hard Way

Heather’s personal experiences are vast and rich. Her excellent advice on many types of topics is guaranteed to be of value (or your money back). Don’t hesitate to book a call today.

Work smarter, not harder by hiring our team. There is simply too much to do when downsizing, selling items, cars, homes, temporary housing or other arrangements such as; dealing with shipping, getting a lease or making a purchase, not to mention pet relocation, medical concerns, prescriptions, elderly mobility issues and so much more…

Let Us Lighten Your Load
VISA Consulting & Administrative Assistance Services

Welcome to Portugal
Although you can submit a Visa application without professional assistance, ask yourself is it worth the risk vs the reasonable cost? View our VISA packages & Book an intro call! We also offer a lawyer review of your package for an added fee.
Green piggy bank saving
Let's get you setup for your Visa application submission! Open a Portuguese bank account from anywhere in the world. We'll step you through the process and paperwork, and connect you with a banker.
Centro saude portugal
As our client, our professional Concierge partner will shop for the best plan options for you, get you quotes, and explain your options so you make informed decisions.
house rental service in portugal
Our Support Team is Here to HELP You! From attorneys to customized scouting we have a flat fee service team that focuses on finding you the accommodation you need to apply for your VISA! We have local natives that will research and make the inquiries and hit the street to find you property to rent or buy.
Let's put our heads together and discuss any topic to help you make well-informed decisions! Heather is available for calls to answer questions on a variety of topics, as is our local native partner (by request)
Portugese VAT
Let us help with getting your NIF (fiscal number) and be your Fiscal Representation. Required for D2, D7 and the Golden Visa.
license exchange in protugal
Before you leave your home country, let us start this process to make it much easier for you to complete when you're in the country. We'll walk you through the steps and assist with the requirements and submission needed to get your biometrics appointment scheduled without delay.
Heather Binder - Boots on the ground portugal
You are nothing without your good name

Get to know Heather a bit...

I’m a HELPER. You know the type; we cannot help being helpful! My background is as a Real Estate Broker (selling property) and the Managing Broker to 1150 agents at a large brokerage in Phoenix (read my LinkedIn reviews and details for more).

My background as an Ashkenazi (Eastern European) non-religious Jew always had me fascinated with Europe. I went on a solo 31-day backpacking trip at the age of 39 in 2012 and fell in love with Europe. Then, in 2018 my father was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. Of course, COVID came in 2020, changing everything. Both of these quickened our family’s plans of making Portugal a reality! The Silver Coast, specifically the gorgeous Caldas da Rainha countryside, became home in early 2021, and I’m not looking back!

My vast and varied experience has done is given me all the key components needed to help people, from scouting to exploring to taking that step to get a Visa and become an official Expat or Immigrant to this fabulous country!

Focused on Consulting & Visa Package applications, I do break away for 1 or 2 days a week for some limited customized tours & video time for properties.

My idea of fun is bringing good people together, like my wonderful native friends and partners, and having gatherings/events for people to meet and just be social.

Here are your warnings:
1. I have a tendency to swear like a sailor if I’m comfortable with you!

2. I have ADD, which means I HYPERFOCUS (with a tendency to be a workaholic), and I have NO filter on my mouth… I try but often fail!

I STRONGLY believe in the power of partnerships AND community building, and I’m here to be an asset to you and all of Portugal!

Meet Some of Our Team...

Boots On The Ground Portugal
Shawon - Boots On The Ground Portugal
Protecting your private information is key
Client testimonial
Bridging cultures and countries
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What is Next?

Let us assist you in figuring this question out!

Live Long and Prosper... that is what immigrating to Portugal is all about, isn't it? Living the life we want, how we want and where we want. To learn more about our ethics, values and beliefs and how we work with our valued clients. Read the ABOUT US page for more details.

FREE Intro & Discovery Call

We would love to extend an invite for a 30 Minute Intro & Discovery Call. These are important decisions that you are making with life altering consequences. We take that very seriously (even though we are fun). We believe in hard work AND fun!


Your VISA Approval is vital! Our Team takes this responsibility very seriously and we are here to help. Our focus is getting you to Portugal within your desired timeline. Our local Portuguese partners are here to help with so many valuable services thereafter!

VISA IMMIGRATION TIMELINE......... Customized For Your Unique Situation

We are here to help you work through your wants, needs, and determine your priorities developing a timeline to reach your goals. We will provide you with a Customized Timeline once we fully understand your situation fully and we agree to work together on your VISA.

We're currently using Boots on the Ground Portugal services for our D7 Visa application, and so far what we've seen has been nothing short of fantastic--Heather Binder is super organized, offers superior tracking of each step, and full support during an extremely stressful process. We'd recommend "Boots on the Ground Portugal" for expats looking for guidance on this complex effort. Thank you for making our lives less complicated! Looking forward to working with you during our journey abroad
Peggy SaavedraTechnical Writing Manager at Google
We are so grateful to Heather Binder for all of her amazing assistance, knowledge, and kindness throughout our moving to Portugal adventure! Her assistance and thoroughness helped us speed through our Visa applications and receive our approvals in about 30 days! Heather has been a lifesaver! Her years of experience as a realtor in Phoenix, AZ as well as her time spent in Portugal has equipped her for providing great advice. If anyone is interested in making the move to Portugal and is looking for a valuable resource to simplify the process I would certainly recommend Heather! You will not regret it!
Melissa & Jimmy BaughnD7 VISA Recipients
Heather is the first person I would turn to if I was moving to Portugal. She shared her personal journey to Portugal and I followed it closely. She did things intelligently and has only gained more knowledge through her experience. She will be a wealth of information and help to her clients. Heather is one of the most honest and hardest working people I know. I would trust her completely and know that she will advocate for clients (and friends and animals) tirelessly. I highly recommend her!
Stephanie Larson DeBuhrParalegal