Mortgage Assistance in Portugal

Heather worked for Chase & Bank of America as a Loan Processor previously. In addition, she obtained 25% down financing in Portugal after shopping the terms and options.

Many key tips were learned that are not the same as getting a loan in North America. Learn these things to look out for and understand.

Did you know that Loan to Value means something different in Portugal? Fixed Rate doesn't necessarily mean a full term fixed rate in Portugal... just a couple examples.

In addition, we have a lender for you to speak with about financing.

Schedule an hour call & get the details, referral, as well as a translation of any loan disclosure documents you receive from a lender. Just email them to us for your included translation after your consulting call!
Consulting Call or Video Meeting
$65 hourly
Heather has great attention to detail and will hustle to connect the right people and get stuff done!
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